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[example of management innovation] 2848 product quality process guide method of ZINUS
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2848 product quality process guide method of ZINUS – Seong Kyun Kwan University –Prof. Park Young Teak

Jin Woong Corp. staring from the small sewing company with capital 5 million won in 1979 is famous for the world biggest tent company right now.
This company is changing to successful digital company after changing company name to ZINUS since 2000 establishing the holding company, so-called, NorthPole during IMF and successfully attracting the foreign capital.

This company was taking over 35 % of the world tent market while they were attracting the foreign capitals. Especially, the market share of US was about 65%. Also the NorthPole generated as a new corporate company has settled down in the large distributor such as Wall Mart and Sears.

One of these successful contributions is their own product quality management system
The president of the company, Lee Yin Je, found out that there was more product problem than he thought during US business trip in 1989 when he had a chance to check the loaded product from his company
Therefore, he made “the 2848 product quality process guide method” with desperate mind which would be bellied up if he could not solve this problem.
This system is called ‘line stop system’ introduced to Chinese plant of JinYoung Corp.
He stopped the production line for 15 days closing the factory to solve the quality problem
It was big adventure like suicide for the medium company because the money is rotating by delivering goods.
The 2848 concept is that the factory manager checks the product quality morning and afternoon twice a day, the middle manager checks every 1 hour, 8 times a day, and the leader of the production line checks every 10 minutes, 48 times a day.
In other words, stop the line and find the cause of the defect then remove the defects if the defects occur. Therefore, the cause of defection can be prevented initially.

Also only hanging test had been performing because the volume of the tent is so big but the stronger quality testing system, so called SUI100, was introduced to perform the installation testing which is testing the tent setting up for customer’s real situation.

The returning rate has been reducing from 6% to 1% and the order quality has been increasing due to the strict quality management system. Moreover, the productivity has been following up to 20% surprisingly. People realized the prejudice that the productivity is decreased by performing the strong quality control management for decreasing the error rate

“The customer satisfaction must be considered all the time by checking the 100% targeting the best quality in the world. The world must be seen as the one market and there we provide with our product produced from the most suitable place.”  Above management policy realization shows one aspect of the product quality management of Jin Woong Corp’s success.

Source: Seong Kyun Kwan University –Prof. Park Young Teak’s Homepage (www.ytpark.com)