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Six Sigma
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The inventor, Dr. Micheal Harry defines the 6 sigma as “statistical measurement, company strategy and philosophy”
The statistic measurement means that every process can be measured and analyzed using object statistic values.
6 sigma sometimes might be called “kind of philosophy” since it changes the employee’s thinking and behavior.
The upper limit and lower limit is within 6 sigma distance from the targeting center by minimizing the distribution for designing the product, manufacturing, service, quality in 6 sigma campaign
The quality level of the 6 sigma is within 3.4 pcs among the 1 million pcs
(More accurately, it is only 3.4 pcs defective from the 1 million opportunities. This means that it is almost perfect product quality)
Right now, the product quality level of the most global enterprise stays at the sigma 4 level.

Sigma is the standards deviation. In other words, this is standard level which is how far away from the average.
The meaning of the Sigma in the manufacturing process becomes the standard level which shows that what rate of constant amount of the product is divided from the average of the center.