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The secret of the big success for Soju ‘Like the first time’ is the statistic
vp-korea  2007-10-29 00:00:00, Hit : 4,270

Lee Jeong Tae, the Brand Team Header in DooSan beverage department BG said like this in the ‘statistic application national forum’ holding at the Seoul WalkerHill Hotel through the domestic examples on 8th.

The market sharing rate of the Soju “like the first time’ is over 10% within 6 months after introducing becoming the big hit product in the alcoholic beverage industry to obstruct the other soju product ‘cham lee Soul’

Team header, Mr.Lee explained “ the first analyzed document is statistic document such as ‘ the change of expense and income in Korea’ and “consumption of alcohol per person” and domestic population changes such as population weight estimation and adult population estimation after deciding to produce a new brand to obstruct the walkover of the ‘Cham Lee Soul’

He explained “we apply the statistic analysis document for population. The population inside country is getting aging society quickly. Therefore, we thought that we can have a change of victory. We try to focus on not only the people ages between 30-50 but also the people ages 20 who can consume lots of quantity and 40 ages that drink very often.

He continuously added “we developed the suitable well-being soju to drink smoothly without hangover based on many keywords such as healthy, emotion, characteristics because the cost of dinning out is increasing, the trendy such as enjoy, healthy and rest is considered more than economical factor, the woman is increasing to attend in the society and the life style is getting various.”

Previously, the CEO of Benz Korea, 이보 마울 said that “Benz R&D center has developed the automobile based on the perfect statistic research” at the lecture titled ‘the success condition of the company in 21 century, statistic’ and also he explained that “the height of the seat belt and chair, steering wheel is made based on the research for the average height and weight of the people’

Continuously he added that “we are looking for the direction not only from by ourselves but also from the statistic document provided by government”

Many examples of the successful company like samsung card developed the new product using the government or managed the customer were shown continuously in this forum titled “statistics makes the rich company”
The US marketing statistic specialist 론 제이콥스 제이앤씨 providing with marketing consulting service using the government statistic to Nestle, HP and MS office shows the overseas examples as well.
The specific statistic application method which is government statistic system such as KOSIS, e-나라지표, GIS was introduced for businessman to apply to real work performance.